Alleged counterfeit Flowflex ARTs sold on Lazada

Alleged counterfeit Flowflex ARTs sold on Lazada

Lazada currently hosts a large number of sellers of the FlowFlow ARTs selling at low prices. We have received a significant number of complaints originating from consumers who have purchased from Lazada. On initial investigation, we have confirmed that we have not supplied to the sellers on Lazada except Watsons online store on Lazada. FlowFlex is currently a victim of a sophisticated counterfeiting activity globally. We are currently investigating the extend of the alleged counterfeiting activities on Lazada. In the meantime, we advise consumers to not purchase FlowFlex ART on Lazada until investigations are completed. Lazada is not one of our distribution channel for FlowFlex ARTs. 

FlowFlex banned in Taiwan due to counterfeits

There was a ban on the sale and importation of Flowflex COVID-19 rapid test kits in Taiwan, after 2.37 million flawed kits, allegedly made in China, entered the Taiwanese market. Importers allegedly imported poor-quality kits from China illegally and sold them as US-made products, Taiwan FDA section chief Fu Ying-hsien  said.


Alcotech Pte Ltd is the sole exclusive distributor of Flowflex in Singapore.